Rather excitingly our new Eastern Collection was recently awarded the accolade of Best Residential Flatweave at The International Wool Carpet & Rug Awards, held by the Campaign for Wool.

While we introduced you to the full collection earlier in the year, here; we thought this would be a perfect opportunity to take a closer look at Kyoto and Kobe, two of the three flatweave designs that make up the new collection.

Kobe a ‘tweed’ design of fine lines and ‘Kyoto’, a big theatrical non-symmetrical stripe have four corresponding colourways which can be used together, whilst are chic and contemporary in their own right. This new way of mixing two different scales of pattern together offers a versatile approach that enables you to find your own individual style.

The design team continued to look East for a new palette; a riot of colourful Japanese lanterns, the bright pastels of cherry blossom season, elegant jade greens and charcoal tones of volcanic landscapes. Here we share some images which inspired this brand new collection.

Blossom SQ
KOBE & KYOTO BLOSSOM are made up of bright pastels inspired by cherry blossoms, including soft pinks and bright greens.
Jade SQ
KOBE & KYOTO JADE A grey ground with rich jade tones, punctuated with whites and pinks.
Lanterns SQ
KOBE & KYOTO LANTERN A riot of colour inspired by Japanese Lanterns, a wildly bright and theatrical mix of bright reds and cyan blue and orange.
Storm SQ
KOBE & KYOTO STORM Soft charcoal tones of volcanic landscapes, a perfect monochrome. Team with very dark paintwork for a dramatic effect.
RO Kyoto Storm Kobe Strata & Storm rolls 500px
Kyoto Storm & Kobe Strata (standing) with Kobe Storm


Mimosa SQ
KOBE MIMOSA Grey and yellow. A subtle flecked stripe, a perfect mix of colour and texture. This colourway is particularly versatile – put it against warm wood to pick out the sunny pastel yellow and corn colours, or cool concrete to hi-light the chic subtle greys and bright pearl white flecks.
RO Kobe Mimosa 183cm x 240cm taped Pebble LR-1
Kobe Mimosa seamed as a rug, finished with linen tape
Strata SQ
KOBE STRATA A subtle flecked stripe, a perfect mix of colour and texture with rich heather and indigo tones.

Don’t forget you can check out our Pinterest boards to share more of our inspirational pictures or to help create your own.