So, it has been another typically, unpredictable British Summer; glorious sunshine one day and dodging rain storms the next.

On those sunny days, the whole country seems to want to grab a rug and head outside; while when the rain pours down the only thing to do is to hide under that same blanket, and await brighter days. It seems that one of the things the UK misses during the winter (besides the sun!) is the chance to surround ourselves with nature.

Plant inspiration from Pinterest

So here at Roger Oates HQ, we’re taking a leaf out of Nik Southern of Grace and Thorn’s book and bringing the outside in! Nik has been quoted as saying“Wherever there are window sills, cupboards, sidetables and floor – you can get a plant in. They’re just so soothing.”

Even the most notorious plant killer now has no excuse, with a plethora of new books out to help sustain you new housemates; including How not to Kill your Plants by the aforementioned Nik Southern and Urban Jungle: Living and Styling with Plants by Igor Josifovic and Judith de Graaff.

Great use of Botanical prints, living plants and interesting textures

If you’re still not sure you’re ready to become a plant parent, you can still harness the fresh and relaxing feel of the great outdoors by mixing bright apple and vivid jade into your interior colour palette, nobody has done so better than Erica Davies, you can read about her style, in our blog post here.

New Hadley Stair Runner

If an entire home overhaul isn’t possible at the moment, you can bring in hints of the botanical via your soft furnishing or selection of art.

Masai Emerald looking beautiful
Isis Leaf on the landing and stairs

So whether you decided to go for the real deal, colours that inspire or a mix of both; help extend the ‘Great British Summer’ by injecting some green into your home. For more inspiration check out our  Green Pinterest Board.

As Nik Southern would say “Green Up Your Gaff”