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Colour, Featured  |  26 February 2019

Blue Hues: Part 2

Midnight, Indigo, Croft, Prussian, Denim and Lapis – just some of blues in the Roger Oates collection. Our blues have become one of our most sought-after colourways and it’s not hard to see why – this modern classic can be used in a myriad of ways ….

Soft Blues

For some, blue is the colour of wisdom and is said to represent the infinity of the sky. Pale blue in particular is associated with space, purity and healing. When looking to create a tranquil, calming space, soft blues are the perfect choice.

In the room below a combination of soft blue greys have been used alongside whites and natural finishes, resulting in a welcoming and peaceful bedroom. An ideal place to escape to when the stresses of life become too much.

These subtle hues can work wonders in any space of your home. Hallways in particular set the tone for the rest of the house. Consider painting your walls pale blue and then bringing similar tones in to your flooring to create a harmonious interior. Lighter shades can also make small spaces feel much more spacious.

To create a flow between your living and dining space use the same minimal colour palette throughout. This particular shade evokes an elegant and classic air that is counterbalanced by the inclusion of modern pieces. Deep hues combined with soft pastel tones creates a clean understated approach.

Subtle touches of blue can be added to a neutral interior for laid-back elegance. Our Cluny Denim (archived) is perfect for adding a hint of blue while keeping the overall look fresh and clean.

Introduce colour with the addition of some key prints, ceramics or textiles. Our Heather Shields for Roger Oates collection is perfect for adding character, warmth and richness to a space.

Heather Shields Square Cushion in Nougat


Teal is a combination of blue and green. Blue, as we have already mentioned, communicates feelings of tranquillity and calm, whilst green evokes feelings of peace and balance. Its green tint also hints to something more exotic, reminding us of the sunnier climes of Morocco or the Tropics.

A highly versatile colour, teal can be cool and soothing or rich and striking. Pairing teal with warm, natural wood and lush green foliage imbues a space with a sense of calm and serenity. Go for a darker shade and the rich colour will envelop you, providing a comforting place in which to unwind.

Play with proportions, combinations and placement in order to create the right balance for you. Adding pops of teal through accessories can instantly change the mood of a room and how it makes you feel.

Teal is also a mid-century modern favourite, especially in the greyer shades with their more muted look.

Rugs are the perfect starting point when it comes to decorating a room, helping you settle on a colour palette. Here our Vernon Teal rug steals the show, setting the mood for the entire space.

Looking for more blue inspiration? Read part one of our Blue Hues series here or head to our Pinterest page.



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