It can’t have escaped your notice that here at Roger Oates Design, we are passionate about wool, and this passion extends to the great work done by Campaign For Wool and its annual Wool Week which is a highlight of our Autumn. Since 2010, CFW has worked tirelessly to inspire, educate and generally champion this versatile material and those who use it.

The Campaign for Wool, Wool BnB, London Photo: Peter Dixon De

This years Wool Week, the seventh, is particularly special as the doors will be opened to the first ever Wool BnB. Under one roof, the Campaign For Wool will demonstrate how living with wool can be beneficial from floor to ceiling (and everything in between).

Located in Islington, London, the Wool BnB house will be entirely kitted out by some of the most prestigious wool brands in the business.


Upon entering, visitors will be greeted by a staircase perfectly tailored in our Whitman Soft Black.  Inspired by folk embroidery, the herringbone design is naturally textured with a contrasting border.

Should the visitor then wander up these stylishly clad stairs, they may stumble across a double bedroom fully equipped with luxury wool filled mattresses, pillows, duvets, cosy blankets and nightwear.


Scattered throughout the house are our solid oak benches upholstered in 100% wool flatweave.

The Campaign for Wool, Wool BnB, London Photo: Peter Dixon De

If you’re visiting don’t forget to go outside! Campaign For Wool have not forgotten a sheep’s natural environment. The Wool BnB’s very own Shepherd’s Hut will be located in the back garden where guests can sit and enjoy getting back to nature. Look out for our flatweave rug – we can make rugs to fit any size of home from huts to hide-aways, cottages to castles!


To celebrate Wool Week and to enhance your own woolly home experience, take a look at our soft wool blankets and colourful flatweave floor cushions.

RO Throws Square 01 LR500

The ‘Wool BnB – Living with Wool’ will officially launch for Wool Week.  To learn more about wool as a fibre and details of the visitor activities taking place,  go to