The Gallery Collection, with its roots in the art world, has become a firm favourite here at Roger Oates so, we thought we would take a closer look at two of its most versatile designs. Hayward and Fairfax (named after the galleries of the same name) are a match woven in heaven, individually they are striking but when used together they create a harmonious statement.

Taking their linear roots from the simple stripe and grid patterns of Agnes Martin’s canvasses; each mathematically calculated to be pleasing to the eye, Hayward and Fairfax share the same construction and ground colouring. However, with Fairfax the stripes are evenly spread across the runner width whilst in Hayward the stripes have been swept to the edges.

Agnes Martin – Happy Holiday 1999, Friendship 1963, #3 1974

Both designs are asymmetric, with the delicate variance in colour being inspired by Martin’s obsession with fields of subtle colour and small changes that occur over time.

Hayward with its graduated contemporary border design is perfect for stairs and rugs, whereas Fairfax has the pinstripes evenly spaced across the width, creating endless pinstripes for rugs, landings and wall to wall areas. The flexibility of these two coordinating designs allows you to create a unique combination that will enhance the style and character of your home.

Fairfax Prussion joined by hand, installed wall to wall on stairs and landin g. Note how the top step is the top landing area, a fine detail in this perfectly tailored look.
Fairfax Prussian joined by hand and installed wall to wall. Note: the cushions are made with flatweave too.

Each design comes in three colour-ways: Prism uses soft dove grey with fine bright multi-coloured lines;

Garnet, a classic Roger Oates Turkey Red with a hint of pink interspersed with neutral tones;

and Prussian, a neutral herringbone ground with indigo and greyish blue pinstripes which gently harmonise.

Hayward (left) and Fairfax (right) can be used together for coordinated runners and landing, and joined by hand to create unique rugs and wall to wall installations. Why have one set of stripes when you could have two!

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