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Stair Runner Advice  |  24 April 2015

How Do I Care For My Stair Runner?

Your Roger Oates Flatweave runner, once installed, will make a statement and undoubtedly receive lots of admiring glances from your friends. But how do you keep it looking that way? One of the most common questions that we get asked at Roger Oates is “how do I care for my runner?” A flatweave runner will last a long time if you look after it. Like many things in life, treat it with respect, and you will get the best from it.

Stair Runner Installation

RO FitzroyBlack 02 LR

The quality of the installation is the first step. To prolong the life of your stair runner it should always be accompanied by a good quality felt and rubber crumb underlay and installed by a skilled fitter experienced in handling flatweave. It’s not like other stair carpet! We have a directory of independent stockists who offer a measuring and fitting service.

Other things to consider when you are having a runner installed… Protective treatments such as Intec can be applied to a stair runner before or after installation. Order an extra 0.5-1.0mt of runner so that you can replace a small area in the future should part of it be damaged.


A large contributor to wear is dirt and grit on the surface of your runner. The dirt causes friction against the fibre of your carpet, this acts like sandpaper against the yarn. Avoid this by cleaning regularly, gently using a suction vacuum.

Place a good quality doormat at your door, and most importantly remember to use it. It’s certainly better to dirty up the doormat than your stair runner!

Boot Scraper LR 500


Wool is a very resilient material. Natural oils present within the fibre means it’s fairly resistant to staining, and wool is anti-static so it attracts less dust. There are, however, going to be those instances when accidents do happen. So if that spilt glass of wine has just happened keep reading: the key is, don’t panic and act quickly. Prompt action will reduce staining.

Dont Panic:

1. Get rid of any excess liquid using a clean cloth or paper towel – press firmly over the spill to blot the liquid out of the runner and into the cloth.

2. Using a clean cloth dab the spill area with upholstery shampoo or wool detergent.

3. Rinse the area with a water and blot dry, again using a clean cloth or towel. Use as little water as possible, too much water is a bad idea.

And Remember:

1. Never scrub or rub a stain as this can damage the structure of the weave.

2. Do not use deeply coloured materials to blot liquid spillages as the dye may transfer.

3. Always use a detergent or shampoo designed for wool. Woolsafe have a number of products on their website.

If in doubt, call a professional cleaner. FabriClean are familiar with our flatweave runners. They use biodegradable and PH neutral products for an effective but gentle cleaning process. FabriClean operate in London and the south, or look here for a nationwide list.


RO Shoes off Fitzroy

Modern footwear can be a real headache for carpets.   Rubber soled shoes may give you better grip than a more traditional leather soled shoe, but that same rubber can grip the fibre of a carpet, pulling at it and causing premature wear. The golden rule – shoes off at the door! This rule is the very reason why many ancient Oriental and Persian carpets have survived.


Ro Gene Kelly Swingin

Stair carpets can take a lot of wear, a lot of which is avoidable. People can become lazy and drag their feet when walking up or down a staircase – this can create wear marks or swivel points on particular steps. Pick up those feet, and don’t swing off the banister like Gene Kelly off a lamp post.








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