Monochrome is the interior design classic that never goes out of style.  Whether you are channelling  ‘French Country Chic’ or ‘Modern Contemporary’, a palette of black and white lends a sophisticated look to your decor. With the appeal of darker painted stairs and balustrades showing no sign of abating, a monochrome runner elevates your hallway, adding a dramatic focal point to your home.

The delicately textured herringbone is edged with a contemporary graphic border.
Introducing Finchley

It’s no surprise that our monochrome designs Flaxman and Fulham Stone are amongst our most popular.  New to our monochrome collective is Finchley Stone. Finchley takes the intricate herringbone pattern from Fulham and adds a graduated dark symmetrical border.

Left – Fulham Stone fitted wall to wall on stairs and landings. Right – Flaxman Stone is available at 3 widths, to suit all staircases.
A Contemporary Border

Effortlessly simple, timeless and refined, Finchley does not shout for attention. The signature herringbone body, fine and delicate, is edged with a contemporary border which builds in contrast as it reaches its natural woven edge. The monochrome pinstripes of Finchley Stone make it perfectly placed in any setting.

Perfectly Tailored Flooring

Crisp lines and sharp turns, each stripe continuing on its right path; a mitred corner leads the eye on. The graphic lines of Finchley, like bending light, take a celebrated change of direction around a winding landing. The soft flexibility of wool flatweave is forgotten for a second in this beautifully sharp about-turn.

Joined by Hand

The natural loom edge created by our narrow width looms allow our flatweave runners to be joined by hand into rugs and wall to wall flooring.  As a single width the soft black border of Finchley sits on the edge; when seamed together the border is mirrored, shifting the focal point to a wider repeating stripe with dramatic effect. Our flatweave is designed specifically with this transformation in mind, which is why it’s so important to consider the possibilities beyond a stair runner.

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Finchley Stone is part of The Borders Collection.

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