In our last blog post we introduced you to our new Borders collection. The four new designs are based around the border pattern and have been designed to work alone or as part of a scheme. With such versatility within the collection we thought we would take a closer look at each design.

First in the spotlight is Pelham:

Based on our ‘Vernon’ design, Pelham combines a subtle contrasting textured centre section with the stripe pattern of Vernon to create a contemporary border. Traditionally, coordinating designs often include a stripe on the stairs and a plain for a corresponding landing. Pelham (when combined with its co-ordinate Vernon) reverses this principle, the border pattern becomes a repeating stripe over a landing area, and the staircase is a plain texture with the stripe becoming the border.

Pelham Slate, a textured monochrome ground with Vernon stripe border

Pelham is available in four colourways – Chalk is a soft neutral whilst Slate is a sharp monochrome grey, teal and green have been woven together to create the jewel tones of Juniper, and finally there’s the rich warm hues of Gold. Each colour directly coordinates with our Vernon colourways, meaning that you can combine any Vernon or Pelham colourway together for rugs and wall to wall carpets.

Pelham is a subtle textured centre with bold stripe border. Colourways shown here – Juniper, Gold and Slate

Read more about how these designs can be used together in our next blog post, ‘Rug Focus’.

Pelham Juniper stair runner, with Pelham Chalk and Vernon Croft Blue rug
Pelham Juniper mitred on a half landing
Pelham colourways – Slate, Chalk, Juniper and Gold

The full Borders collection can be viewed here. Tell us which design is your favourite on InstagramFacebook or Twitter.