If you have read our ‘Rugs and Wall-To-Wall Carpets’ blog, you’ll know that nature of our weaving process creates a finished edge that allows widths of our signature flatweave to be joined together.

For our Borders collection we are celebrating the versatility of our runners, with a focus on one of the most enduring styles, the border pattern. Each of the designs in the collection has been carefully considered to work well as a single width runner, but transform when seamed together into larger pieces for rugs and wall to wall areas. With such a versatile collection we wanted to share with you the myriad of design combinations available for area rugs.


In our previous blog post, we briefly touched on the relationship between Pelham and Vernon. Pelham takes its stripe pattern from Vernon, pushing it out to the edges to create a strong contemporary border which frames the subtle textured centre. Each colour directly co-ordinates with our Vernon colourways, meaning that you can combine any Vernon or Pelham colourway together to create unique rugs of almost any size.

For example, Vernon Slate and Pelham Slate make a striking monochrome combination.

Vernon and Pelham Slate rug

Here, the subtle neutral tones of Pelham Chalk compliment the central Vernon Croft Blue design.

Pelham Chalk & Vernon Croft Blue rug
Why not choose a rug that matches your runner. The combination of Pelham Juniper on the stairs with coordinating Pelham Chalk and Vernon Croft Blue rug creates a welcoming follow throughout the hallway

Pelham when seamed together creates a strong ‘double stripe’. This Pelham Gold rug has been finished with a co-ordinating linen tape, making it reversible.⠀

Widths of Pelham Gold joined by hand and finished with linen tape


An elegant new border design, Eldon is a regular repeating stripe with a subtle difference in tone on the outer stripe. Eldon has common tones in each colourway so all three colours co-ordinate with each other. Widths of Airforce, Chestnut and Grey can be joined together to create unique multi-stripe coloured rugs.

Combine colourways together for multi-stripe rugs and wall to wall areas


The contemporary symmetrical border of Finchley Stone is ideal for rugs, when seamed together the border is mirrored into a bold repeating stripe. Here, the rug has been thoughtfully finished on all sides with a corresponding linen tape that works with the design to create a black frame around the edge.

A stunning monochrome rug made with four widths of Finchley Stone

Hanbury & Byron

The coordinating designs of Hanbury and Byron offer a multitude of rug options. Available in the same colourways, Byron is simply Hanbury without the border.

The understated ground of Byron seams perfectly to create a repeating herringbone design. Below, the rib texture of the Hanbury border frames the pinstripe herringbone of Byron creating a sophisticated rug.

Hanbury & Byron Charcoal rug

Like Pelham, when Hanbury is seamed together it creates a ‘double stripe’. Widths of Hanbury Stone can be joined together, showcasing the high contrast monochrome ground and graphic rib texture border.

Rug made with five widths of Hanbury Stone

Every flatweave rug is cut, sewn and finished by hand in our Herefordshire workshop. Larger pieces for wall-to-wall carpet installations can also be created, enabling the design on the stairs to be used in hallways and on landings.

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