Our name is synonymous with Venetian flatweave stair runners. However, there is a lot more to our runners than you might think.   The narrow widths of flatweave can be joined to create area rugs of almost any dimension and larger pieces for wall-to-wall carpet installations enabling the design used on the stairs to also be used in hallways and on landings.

Isis Leaf
Isis Leaf joined by hand as a rug to match the stair runner

The nature of the weaving process creates a finished edge (see our weaving blog) which can be joined together seamlessly without the need of a folded hem.

Flaxman Lichen
Our weaving process creates a finished woven edge

All of our flatweave rugs and wall-to-wall installations are finished and sewn by hand.  On average, a seamstress can sew two metres of flatweave per hour.

Seamed by Hand
All seaming is done by hand in our Herefordshire workshop

The integrity of our flatweave is paramount. All finishing is done by hand to ensure everything is to the highest of standards. Our hand-sewn seams are barely perceptible, and when we finish edges with linen binding tape there are no visible stitches either side.  This means that a rug has the added advantage of being reversible.

Swanson Cranberry
Swanson Cranberry invisibly joined and finished with a linen tape

Many of the designs contain a deliberate pinstripe which makes any join practically invisible to the untrained eye.

Trent-Ashby Beaver
Trent and Ashby Beaver co-ordinated for stairs and wall-to-wall seamed landings

There is definitely more to Roger Oates than just stair runners!