For as long as we have been designing flatweave, we have been making bespoke rugs. Because of this, we always give consideration to how our runners will work when hand-sewn together. This integral element of our design process often influences the distribution of pattern and colour, as well as effecting the very structure of the weave.

The conclusion of this delicate design consideration is a full collection of flatweave runners that work beautifully as bespoke rugs.

After exploring individual designs from ‘The Anniversary Collection’ in our last blog post we are now looking at how a selection work once hand sewn and finished by our sewing team at our Herefordshire workshop.

Lennox Shark

The complex rib and herringbone repeating stripes of Lennox work as a more subtle multi stripe when multiple widths are joined together. Our hand-sewn seams are flat and cleverly hidden within the stripes of the design. Here, five widths of Lennox have been hand joined and finished with a false selvedge on two edges. The natural selvedge of the flatweave makes for a clean and simple finish on the other two ends.

Lennox Shark Rug


Combining Different Designs

With over 150 designs and colourways in our full collection, there are a number of combinations to consider when choosing the perfect rug for your space. By mixing different designs, you can create interesting textures and stripe patterns which are completely individual.

The designs Ixworth Lamp Black and Charleston Fossil share four of the same yarn colours which means they sit side by side beautifully when joined. In this rug (below right) two widths of Charleston Fossil have been edged with two widths of Ixworth Lamp Black. The intricate chainlink pattern of Ixworth emboldens the stripes of Charleston to make a statement in the centre. The rug is finished with Black linen tape on all four sides, which adds a smart frame to this contemporary monochrome combination. This rug is reversible and measures approximately 258cm wide x 396cm long / 8’6″ x 13′.

Ixworth Charleston Lamp Black

Ixworth Ochre

The narrow rib borders of Ixworth take on a new role as focal repeating stripes when hand-joined together. The more widths that are seamed together the more wide golden bands that appear in the pattern. Here two widths of Ixworth Ochre are joined with two seams to achieve a striking symmetrical design. The four sides of the rug have been ‘turned under’ for a contemporary finish, we call this a ‘false selvedge’.Ixworth Ochre Rug

Repurposing Border Stripes

These examples show how two identical designs can be used in very different ways.

The Trent Elm rug (below left) uses three widths of flatweave; the two ends have been false selvedged and the borders have joined to become eye-catching ‘double stripes’ which run vertically through the rug. The approximate size of this rug is 210cm x 300cm / 6’10” x 10′.

The Trent Shale rug (below right) uses 6 widths of flatweave; a shift in proportion creates horizontal ‘double border stripes’. This rug is finished on two sides with a smart Chestnut linen binding tape to highlight the tan rib stripe. This rug is reversible and measures approximately 348cm wide x 274cm long / 11’5″ x 9′.

Trent Rugs

Charleston Fossil

The distinctive single repeat pattern of Charleston makes a statement as a bespoke rug. Here four widths of Fossil, a warm neutral multi-stripe, are hand-joined and smartly finished on two ends. Black linen tape ties in with the wide Lamp Black stripes creating extra impact. Rugs that are finished in this way – with natural woven edges and linen bound ends have the added advantage of being reversible.Charleston Fossil Rug

Rugs are a versatile way of introducing colour, texture and pattern into any interior. They are perfect if you like to change your rooms around with your mood or with the seasons. Hand joining our flatweave for wall-to-wall areas and bespoke rugs opens up the possibility of linking different rooms in the house or co-ordinating landings and stair runners – our flatweave is far from limited to the staircase!

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