The addition of artwork can completely transform a room; adding colour, intrigue and personality while also providing great joy. So, why should art simply be confined to the walls? Our latest collection challenges this preconception, offering up bold art inspired design for your floors.

The Gallery Collection draws on the quality and breadth of recent London exhibitions. From the geometric drawings of Agnes Martin at the Tate, through the vivid flowing colours of Howard Hodgkin at the Portrait Gallery, to Abstract Expressionism at the Royal Academy where Barnett Newman managed to wow with just two colours and three stripes; the shows have been a symphony of light, colour and pattern, a masterclass in balance and proportion. The 14 eye-catching designs weave in all the elements that have been delighting the London art scene, creating pieces of modern art for under your feet. Although rooted in traditional interior colours, the rugs and runners have a contemporary twist with a modern take on timeless stripes.

Sam Francis – Untitled (detail) 1956, Barnett Newman – Profile of Light 1967, Agnes Martin – Happy Holiday (detail) 1999, Clyfford Still – PH-150 1958

The collection comprises four designs:


Switch Fraise joined by hand as a rug

Named after Switch House at the Tate Modern, Switch began as an experiment in balance. Bold multi-width stripes in complementary tones balance each other across the breadth of the runner, creating a generous 1.2 metre pattern repeat when joined together to create a rug. The pattern comes in French Grey, featuring blue green tones, or the lighter Fraise which mixes similar blue grey tones with a playful bright, but soft pink.


Vernon Slate stair runner

Reinvented and recoloured from an original Roger Oates archive design, Vernon has been updated in style from a rib to a herringbone structure in six new colours; Teal, Soft Red, Croft Blue, Lichen (multi coloured), Slate and Chalk.


The coordinating designs of Hayward and Fairfax (named after the galleries of the same name) take their linear roots from Agnes Martin’s grid canvasses, the simple stripe and grid patterns mathematically calculated to be pleasing to the eye. Fairfax sees pinstripes evenly spaced across the width, creating seamless pinstripes for rugs, landings and wall to wall areas. Whereas Hayward sees the pinstripes pushed out to the edges, forming a graduated contemporary border design that is perfect for stairs and rugs. The designs are available in three colour ways: Prussian a neutral ground with stripes of warm indigo and grey blues, Garnet a modern, dramatic red with a hint of pink interspersed with neutral stripes and Prism, a soft dove grey with fine bright multi-colour lines.

Vernon Teal joined by hand as a rug and finished with linen tape

View the full collection here and be sure to let us know your personal favourite.
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