Bold, statement making and one of our most popular designs, there is a lot to love about Fitzroy.

Launched in 2014 as part of our London Collection along with Flaxman, Fulham and Franklin – Fitzroy became a firm favourite, with the bold stripes quickly turning into one of our most recognisable and iconic designs.  

So where did the inspiration for Fitzroy come from? Like the evolution of many of our designs, we find a wealth of inspiration from existing or archived collections. The full size stripes seen in Fitzroy were taken from the narrow repeating bands of our 1994 design Sudbury, which were then magnified to create a bold and contemporary stripe. It is a design that was conceived not only to look great on stairs, but is just as striking when seamed together to make rugs and wall-to-wall coverings, with the statement stripes even being transformed into a number of our luxury pieces for the home.

When it was first released all those years ago, Fitzroy was initially revealed in two colourways – Bright and Black. Both beautifully showed off, and added to our extensive collection of signature stripe designs, with the wide directional stripes ideally suited to create flow whilst making a bold statement in the home.

You could also say we were a step ahead with our Bright colourway, as it rapidly became one of our most popular and unique examples of the Roger Oates palette and stripe. With rich strawberry red carried through the weft, crossing soft green, zesty mandarin and sky blue herringbone stripes in this vibrant clash of colours that come together to create a harmonious, inimitable masterpiece. In contrast, Fitzroy Black is a symphony of monochromatic tones – cool black and warm whites are tempered by a calming grey border and weft, making it a timeless and dynamic choice.

With the success of these two colourways, in 2018 we decided to build on the Fitzroy family with the elegant tones of Midnight. Recoloured using deep navy and oatmeal with an uplifting blue-grey border, Midnight has become just as popular as its predecessors – with the contemporary colourway making it perfectly placed as both a runner and rug. 

Whichever you choose, we believe there is a place for Fitzroy in every home. Bright, Black and Midnight are woven in three standard widths; 60cm, 70cm, 85cm, meaning that the design can work for both narrower and wider staircases. Find more inspiration via our online Galleries found on our website, or follow us on Instagram.