If you are a regular reader of our blog, it can’t have slipped your notice that we at Roger Oates are obsessed with finely crafted stripes (hint: it’s in our blogs name).

It turns out fans of our runners have a soft spot for vertical lines of colour too, of course they do, they are our fans! After many requests, we decided to take our best loved stripe designs and transfer them into a  complementary medium.  So those who started as fans of our runners, are now fast becoming fans of our throws as well.

RO Throw Chatham 01 LR500

With Spring under way and Summer to look forward to, it’s time for these throws to get an airing and travel with us to picnics, BBQs and holiday beaches.

If you join us, you and your family will never lose your perfect rest spot again with one of these stripe blankets marking your space. So soft to sit on or sleep under on a sunny afternoon, we believe our throws are a must for any weekend adventure.

Throw Blog Montage LR5002

Even when the British summer weather misbehaves, as only our British weather can, our throws will even keep you warm and relatively dry while you wait out the passing shower.

Once the season of BBQ’s and Beach trips is over, simply give our throws a shake and they can come back indoors again. Sitting on your bed or sofa, reminding you of your adventures while keeping you cosy through the autumn and winter nights.

RO Throws Square 01 LR500