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Featured, Stair Runner Advice  |  13 March 2015

What should I do on my landing?

We talk staircases every day – that’s what we to do. It’s easy for us to come up with the answers but what we have to remember is that YOU may not be quite as geeky about staircases as WE are – we are constantly scrutinizing every tread and riser wherever we go.

Why not be obsessed with those staircases ascending the heights of your home?   After all, a staircase is often a big part of the first impression when you walk into a home.

RO Chartres Jute 12 LR
For many the staircase is the first impression. (Runner: Chartres Jute)

One of the most common questions we get is “What should I do on my landing?”  With our runners there are various options, however the choices will be dependent on the size and shape of your landing.


The Runner Landing

With a runner installation there are various types of finishes we can achieve on both quarter and half landings. The runner can be mitred or overlaid if a change in direction is required. The seams/joins are either sewn by our skilled fitters on site or prepared in our workshop prior to despatch.

RO Lyon Ebony 01 LR
Lyon Ebony Overlaid on a landing
RO Dart Midnight 12 MR
Dart Midnight mitred around half landings


The Wall to Wall Landing

For a landing which is a little larger in size you may wish to consider the ‘wall to wall’ option. Our workshop hand-sews lengths of runner together to create large pieces, creating a truly stunning bespoke carpet. How we tackle this option depends on your design choice as some bordered designs have a complementary “ground” design whilst others have an all-over repeating pattern that can be used on both stairs and landings.

Trent & Ashby Runner
Trent fitted as a runner to the stairs, with seamed Ashby as a wall to wall landing carpet
RO Hurst Border Ebony 01 LR
Hurst Ground was recently created by popular demand to correspond with Hurst Border.
RO New Hadley Bright Rose & Mandarin 1 MR
Some clients choose the same design in a complementary colour for use on landings. New Hadley is used as a runner and joined by hand for landing areas.


The Broadloom Carpet Landing

The other option is to choose a standard broadloom product which picks out one of the colours in your stair runner. There are some fabulous textures out on the market at the moment which really do work well with our Flatweave runners.

RO Halle - Broadloom Carpet 1
Halle Elephant runner complemented by a broadloom textured carpet. Image from Bowloom.


The “Versatile” Landing

And finally, you may want something which gives you a little more flexibility. How about leaving your landings bare and then if you want to, you can introduce a loose runner or rug which can be laid down in the area or lifted up as the situation sees fit.

RO Isis Leaf 01 MR
Isis Leaf seams into the perfect hallway rug

This option allows people to move with the trends and seasons giving you more versatility plus you really don’t want your Roger Oates to be getting all dirty when you have to push your bike through the hallway to the back garden now do you?

RO Masai Indigo 05 MR colour
Masai Indigo fitted to stairs and as a loose hallway runner.





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