Why Wool?

“Authentic materials, rich texture and delicate design balance are core to our heritage”

Wool has many inherent natural properties which is why we use it to create our Venetian Flatweave

Renewable and biodegradable; wool is one of the most sustainable materials in the industry. By using a high percentage of British wool in our blend we are also supporting British farmers and reducing the carbon footprint of our product.

Wool’s natural stretch and elasticity make a durable product which can be manipulated by skilled installers around curved staircases.

Lanolin which naturally occurs in wool acts as a protective waxy coating giving the fibres an element of dirt and stain resistance.

Wool is proven to improve air quality. Studies have shown that common VOCs can be absorbed and chemically bound by wool, improving ambient air quality; a sustainable and natural solution to the problem of accumulating indoor contaminants.

The high levels of water and nitrogen that occur in wool also make it naturally flame retardant, a safer choice for the home.

Wool is an excellent natural insulator and absorbs sound making it the ideal material for busy staircases and landings.

Our Yarn

The yarn used to weave our runners has an enormous effect on the overall appearance and quality of our product. From the blend to the ply, every element has been carefully considered.

A carefully chosen blend

We use our very own British Cheviot wool blend for our flatweave.  This is spun and dyed in Yorkshire using traditional methods. Our wool blend consists of:

  • Wool from Hardy British sheep brings resilience and durability, as well as texture and nuanced delicacy of colour. We proudly support the British wool industry.
  • New Zealand Wool which has a natural lustre and is lighter in tone. This whiteness increases the overall dyeability which allows our dyers to achieve our vibrant signature colours.
Why we love two ply yarn

We use the best wool available; equally as important is the ply and twist of the yarn.

We use a ‘two ply’ yarn that affords our flatweave an unparalleled look and feel. With an open twist, our yarn has movement and is rich in texture; this results in great depth of colour and light reflection which gives our flatweave energy and life – It also helps that we now have over 150 different shades of colour which make up our flatweave collection.


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