Here at Roger Oates, when it comes to our flatweave runners, we believe in the fundamentals – excellent design and expert craftsmanship.  But we also believe that without a worthy raw material, our final product wouldn’t be the industry leader it is.

We choose wool. We have previously written about why wool makes the best flooring, but in a nutshell we choose wool because:

It’s Resilient – the fibres that make up wool are curly and springy in texture. Meaning they can stretch but will always return to their original shape. Our runners will therefore look newer for longer. Wool also has a brilliant safety feature, it is naturally fire retardant therefore perfect for interiors.

RO WestportRust02 LR
Westport Rust

It’s Easy to care for – lanolin, the waxy protective coating found on wool fibres, helps resist stains, giving you more time to mop up spillages. It’s anti-static properties help repel dust and dirt keeping things looking cleaner for longer.

RO Fulham Flaxman Quartz 03 LR
Fulham and Flaxman Quartz

It’s Breathable – it acts as a natural filter by grabbing hold of pollutants and permanently locking them out of the air we breathe. In short, wool is a natural and permanent air purifier constantly working in your home.

RO Isis Leaf 01 MR
Isis Leaf

It’s Absorbent – when treated correctly wool can be richly dyed.  This allows us to bring you a wealth of beautiful shades so you can add our distinctive colours as well as texture to your home.

RO NewEnglandRolls01 LR
The New England Collection

But best of all:

It’s completely natural – as long as the sheep are happy and well fed they will produce new fleece every year meaning it is sustainable. Wool is completely compostable too, so eventually, at the end of one of the products life, it can be naturally returned to the earth to begin the cycle again.

Sheep, Wester Quarff, Shetland Isles
This is Morag, a happy sheep

You could say we owe a lot to wool.  Its durability is part of our heritage, but its versatility keeps us contemporary. But it’s not just our runners that benefit from this wonder product, visit our lifestyle store and take a look at our stylish and functional wool throws

Wool just works, on many levels, which is why we are keen supporters of The Campaign for Wool

So that’s why we choose wool, why wouldn’t you?