The Heather Shields for Roger Oates Collection is a creative partnership between Heather Shields and Andy Guard, Head of Design at Roger Oates.

The Roger Oates design classic, Masai, has been reworked to create a sophisticated, graphic woven cloth in pure new wool. Capturing the linear elements of the original design, the colours take inspiration from British railway posters of the 1950’s. Pleasing neutrals, rich dark tones and vibrant highlights infuse each piece with a timeless quality. 

Woven in Scotland using a traditional double cloth technique, the fabric is beautifully thick with a soft, luxurious finish.

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  • Heather Shields Square Cushion, Mariner £95
  • Heather Shields Square Cushion, Nougat £95
  • Heather Shields Cushion, Mariner £95
  • Heather Shields Cushion, Nougat £95
  • Heather Shields Throw, Nougat £329
  • Heather Shields Throw, Mariner £329
  • Heather Shields Small London Bench, Nougat £560
  • Heather Shields Small London Bench, Mariner £560
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