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Guides  |  8 September 2021

Spotlight: Border and Ground Designs

Often hallways and landings are overlooked as a design feature in our homes, and there is a habit to stick to what we know. At Roger Oates we have been creating forward-thinking design for over 30 years – design that evolves with us and our products. The concept of ‘border’ and ‘ground’ is the combination of two coordinating designs that blend into one another, creating a continuous flow throughout the home. Border and ground perfectly illustrates how we have reinvented flatweave as a versatile floor covering for contemporary living.

(Left) Subtle pinstripes of Dart Otter (border) and Dart Ground Otter (ground) on multiple levels, (right) Fairfax Prussian (ground) has been hand-sewn together for this made to measure stair and landing.

Border & Ground

Our ‘border’ designs feature a contrasting, often bold, border design along the outer edge of the runner and are most popular fitted onto stairs. ‘Ground’ designs refer to those where the tones and body of the weave is paired back with an edge-to-edge pattern and are one option we think are perfect fitted on landings and wall-to-wall areas. When placed together, the aesthetic of our border and ground flatweave designs create an element of light and shade and an overall cohesiveness throughout the home.

A recent installation combining Pelham Chalk with Vernon Chalk (below), perfectly showcases the thought and development behind our approach to flatweave. Two contrasting designs are linked together through the Pelham border, creating a seamless transition from staircase to landing while a continuous flow is considered throughout the home.

A harmonious example of ‘Border and Ground’ featuring classic tones of Pelham Chalk on the stairs (border) with Vernon Chalk as wall-to-wall (ground)

Using Borders for effect

As an alternative to our border and ground designs, any of our flatweave can create a unified scheme. The beauty and flexibility of our flatweave means that all of our designs can be joined by hand into wall-to-wall floor coverings. How a pattern joins together is at the forefront of our mind during the design process – fitting flatweave with a strong border as a stair runner and wall-to-wall creates direction and vibrancy with a bold repeating pattern.

The aqua tones of Swanson Celadon installed as both stair runner and wall-to-wall in this home – illustrating a bold and directional border repeat pattern when joined together.

Why not explore our Border & Ground designs here:

Trent (border) & Ashby (ground)

Pelham (border) & Vernon (ground)

Hanbury (border) & Byron (ground)

Dart (border) & Dart Ground (ground)

Hayward (border) & Fairfax (ground)

Flaxman & Finchley (border) & Fulham (ground)

Hanover (border) & Halle (ground)

Henley (border) & New Hadley (ground)

To see our full range of designs, explore our runners page here.



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