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Stair Runners

Flatwoven stair runners, made in the UK using British wool.

Arta Ashby Avon Byron Charleston Chartres Chatham Cranborne Dart Dart Ground Eldon Fairfax Finchley Fitzroy Flaxman Franklin Fulham George Halle Hampton Hanbury Hanover Hayward Henley Isis Ixworth Kahlo Kasuri Kobe Kyoto Lennox Malton Masai Mila Morella Moritz New Hadley Pelham Shetland Broadcloth Shetland Dart Shetland Dart Ground Shetland Henley Shetland Malton Shetland Sudbury Shetland Swanson Sudbury Swanson Switch Trent Vernon Westport


A re-working of a weaver’s favourite ‘Orkney (c.1994)’, traditionally designed to use up leftover yarn. A wide spectrum of multicolour in both vivid and pastel tones. Named after the multi-faceted, kaleidoscopic colours found in precious stones.


Part of the collection since 1994. A classic herringbone ground elevates delicate pinstripes and subtle ribbed texture, creating a sophisticated and timeless design.


A reimagining of our iconic Cheltenham design. Introducing ‘colour on colour’ with a plain herringbone ground framed by the classic Cheltenham border stripe.


A contemporary herringbone ground design using elegant colour and delicate repeating stripes.


Charleston complex multi-stripe pattern features a striking single repeat. Originally designed in 1989, Charleston was updated thirty years later with a contemporary herringbone structure.


Named after the famous French gothic cathedral, bold multi-width stripes of balanced colour are perfect for statement staircases.


Part of our collection since 1992, Chatham is one of our most cherished designs. Featuring a striking single repeat stripe of bold multi-width herringbone bands.


Named after a quiet corner of Southwest England and Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, Cranborne is a new addition to the Roger Oates Design portfolio, and is home to one of the Woolkeepers farms. A complex multi-striped design that explores tonal colour within alternating rib and herringbone weaves.


A timeless, stylish design and part of our Rivers Collection. Dart is a perfect balance of classic herringbone structure with a strong narrow border.

Dart Ground

A timeless herringbone design with alternating pinstripes of contrasting colour. Designed to work as a ground to Dart, the two combined create a cohesive and contemporary look.


A border stripe in its simplest form. In this plain repeating stripe, the subtle difference in tone creates an elegant new border design.


A playful design, Fairfax showcases a soft neutral ground where uplifting stripes are separated by a fine pinstripe.


A signature herringbone body is framed by a contemporary symmetrical border, building in depth and contrast as it meets the edge of the design


One of our most iconic designs where a bold, single repeating stripe combines with our signature herringbone texture.


Drawing inspiration from 25 years of our archives, and the question – what does a Roger Oates runner look like? This runner has a bold texture with a signature stripe border.


Brand new tones and strong colours were married together and refined to create a colour-blocked, tonal contemporary flatweave design with a sharp bright border.


Fulham is a classic Roger Oates coordinating design, where understated herringbone texture meets a elegant ground of fine, repeating pinstripes.


A wide contrasting border framing herringbone and ribbed stipes, George is a striking design that works beautifully in both traditional and contemporary settings.


Classic herringbone repeating stripes are edged by soft pinstripes, making Halle an understated and stylish option.


Make a statement with this iconic Roger Oates Design runner. Hampton sees a textured herringbone ground elevate an iconic and bold striped border.


Drawing on elements from the Roger Oates Archives, Hanbury is a contemporary border design available in five colours.


A classic design with a simple narrow herringbone border and a plain rib centre. Hanover is an understated option, ideal for both period properties and modern homes.


Hayward features a neutral ground punctuated by subtle pinstripes, where uplifting stripes gather at the edge to create a graduated contemporary border.


A subtle rib and herringbone design, Henley sees quiet repeating stripes defined by a bold contrasting border.


Named after the River Isis, this expressive tonal design reveals multi-width stripes of soft greys, warm beige and cream.


A design from our celebratory Anniversary Collection. Ixworth features a striking and intricate folk-style chainlink body with a simple narrow rib border.


The starting point for A Journey In Colour, this bold ‘strike-through’ pattern with its structural rib background, elevates a vividly coloured stripe of diamonds.


A striking design from ‘The Eastern Collection’, Kasuri uses a special space-dye technique where organic painted stripes blend with our classic herringbone weave.


An eye-catching alternative where a blend of inspired colour creates a bold mix of tones in a flecked stripe texture.


Bold non-symmetrical stripes of colour meet our classic Roger Oates herringbone texture to make a truly individual design.


Balancing energy and movement, Lennox is a complex rib and herringbone repeating stripe that is striking on stairs.


Subtle herringbone and rib bands create an elegant repeating stripe in this sophisticated and striking runner.


A re-working of a long archived Roger Oates design ‘Tribal’, this update sees a high contrast herringbone and rib weave combine strong pattern and colour for a showstopping statement stairs.


From A Journey In Colour collection, Mila is an understated and uplifting border design cleverly combining multiple shades of the same colour to create a nuanced and highly textured design.


A statement making design introducing a new diamond stripe amongst herringbone and rib sections. A design with energy and impact where patterns fuse together, framed by a striking border.


Moritz is a classic runner using a lively spectrum of colours, a popular design it works in a variety of settings.

New Hadley

Introduced in 2001, New Hadley is a timeless herringbone and rib structure where subtle stripes are revealed amongst a block of colour.


A considered and eye-catching design, Pelham features a contrasting border framing an elegant ribbed centre. Combine with Vernon for a dramatic and modern scheme.

Shetland Broadcloth

An Eco range of classic flatweave using real Shetland wool. The perfect natural palette with the timeless style of Roger Oates. With organic repeating stripes, Broadcloth contains a thin stripe of dyed Shetland yarn.

Shetland Dart

An Eco range of classic flatweave using real Shetland wool. Dart Light Grey is the perfect balance of our pinstripe and herringbone structure, framed by a strong brown-grey border.

Shetland Dart Ground

An Eco range of classic flatweave using real Shetland Wool. Dart Ground is a timeless herringbone design with alternating pinstripes of contrasting colour.

Shetland Henley

An Eco range of classic flatweave using Real Shetland Wool. Henley Light Grey sees a ribbed deep brown border framing subtle grey herringbone and rib repeating stripes.

Shetland Malton

New design Malton Light Grey joins the Shetland Collection, our eco range of classic flatweave using Real Shetland Wool. Alternating bands of herringbone and dotted stripes in cream and warm grey tones are elevated against a textural light grey background, separated by a fine pinstripe.

Shetland Sudbury

An Eco range of classic flatweave using Real Shetland Wool. Sudbury sees a repeating pattern use a mixture of herringbone and rib weave to create bold, textured stripes.

Shetland Swanson

An Eco range of classic flatweave using Real Shetland Wool. A simple yet popular design, Swanson Light Grey sees an elegant herringbone body of mid grey contrast beside monochrome border stripes.


An iconic Roger Oates design from 1992 that has been a constant source of inspiration. A repeating pattern that uses a mixture of herringbone and rib weave to create bold textured stripes.


An understated and elegant classic, Swanson offers a relaxed versatility where a quiet herringbone ground elevates striking central bands and a complementary tonal border.


Playful and uplifting, Switch features bold multi-width stripes in complementary tones balanced across the breadth of the design.


A classic Roger Oates design, Trent has been part of our collection since 2001. A delicate repeating herringbone and rib pattern with elegant pinstripes framed by a smart tonal border.


Vernon is a bold repeating stripe, reinvented and recoloured from an original Roger Oates archive design.


A textured herringbone ground with a generously sized border, punctuated with a contrasting rib section.

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