Venetian Flatweave

Mila Terracotta


A JOURNEY IN COLOUR | A collaboration between Roger Oates Design + A Rum Fellow.


Inspired by A Rum Fellow’s ‘Ipala Stripe’ fabric, with the footprint of the Roger Oates classic ‘Croft’ runner, this understated border design cleverly combines multiple shades of the same colour to create a nuanced and highly textured design. A subtle border is created where the density of colour falls and builds at the designs edge, bringing a quiet definition to the design.

Mila Terracotta combines interlaced antique and rose pinks paired with modern greys and neutrals lending to a soft playful overall colour, edged with a subtle border.

Technical Information

Can be used as area rugs. Can be used as wall-to-wall floor covering. 100% British Blend Wool

Available Sizes