A little set of stairs we spotted this weekend and couldn’t help but share… another new hotel commission too. More linear than the swirling spiral staircase of the Les Haras de Stasbourg Hotel stairs we saw last month. This impressive wooden staircase forms the lobby entrance of HotelHotel in Canberra, Australia.  Stacks of recycled wooden planks create a grand staircase that does not stop at the walls.


A supporting structure holds ladder like columns to form dividing walls, ceilings and window coverings. Considering the wall covering is constructed of wood and steel it appears surprisingly soft, and the varied tones of timber create gentle stripes of colour.



Helped by integrated lighting in the central balustrade the staircase stands out against the large areas of flat concrete that dominate the lobby. HotelHotel have made their staircase the dramatic focal point of the whole building, so if you have a beautiful wooden staircase in your hallway, or anywhere else for that matter, shouldn’t you too?


And if you find yourself in Canberra, take a closer look.