Let The Sun Shine
Despite the changeable weather the British summer is bringing us some long hazy evenings. Thoughts of far away climes have been inspiring us to inject some Summer brights into our colour palettes.

Summer Brights from Roger Oates
New Hadley Bright Rose & Mandarin (middle) Fitzroy Bright (bottom)
New Hadley Mandarin
Brighten up your staircase with New Hadley Mandarin

Bespoke Runners
At Roger Oates we can work with you to create your very own bespoke runner.  Adapt one of our current designs, or begin with something new selecting colours from our extensive palette.  Use bold bright oranges and pinks to liven up a clean white interior.

Summer Pinks2
Bespoke Cluny in Pink, yellow, blue, green and lavender (middle)

Recently we have re-coloured our design Cluny in two very different ways.  The original minimal pattern is symmetrical, based on a pattern inspired by an old French linen cloth.

The first version is a riot of pinks.  The colour is asymmetrical yet has a balanced feel when fitted on the stairs.  The pinks are divided by vibrant yellow, green and blue stripes.

Cluny Yellow
Bespoke Cluny in Grey, Charcoal and Yellow (middle)

With yellow and grey proving so popular it was only a matter of time before we had a request for a custom runner in these shades. Canary yellow is the stand out colour in this monochrome bespoke Cluny runner, tracing a bright line along the outer edge of the stairs.


Summer Greens
New Hadley Lime on stairs (top) Isis Leaf on stairs and joined by hand as a rug (bottom)

Are you missing the perfectly striped lawns of Wimbledon?  Our ever popular green runners Isis Leaf and New Hadley Lime can offer a flash of bright summer green in your own home.

For more colour inspiration, see our online gallery.