A rare glimpse into some of the work that goes into making a Roger Oates flatweave runner.

RO Weaving 7 Cones LR
Roger Oates flatweave runners are woven in the UK using British Cheviot Blend wool which is spun and dyed in England.
RO Weaving 11 Loom LR
Specially adapted vintage ‘Hattersley’ looms weave our narrow width runners with finished selvedge edges.
RO Weaving 5 Fitzroy LR
The looms are power driven, but each is operated by a skilled weaver who runs the loom.
RO Weaving 10 Purnes LR
The weft yarn (which runs from left to right) is wound onto pirns ready to be woven.
RO Weaving 3 Fitzroy LR
Each pirn is manually changed by the weaver every few inches which gives a continuous weft. This gives a finished edge that will invisibly seam together allowing the creation of our flatweave rugs.
RO Weaving 13 Flaxman LR
Each of our designs requires a unique set-up of the looms to produce the colours and structures. Shown here is Flaxman Lichen.
RO Weaving 4 Fitzroy LR
This weaving process is labour intensive and time consuming, but gives the cloth its unparalleled ‘hand-finished’ quality and it’s unmistakable Roger Oates handwriting.