Often, our new designs start as experiments in colour and proportion. We explore colour combinations through a series of yarn wraps and woven samples. Our designs evolve on the loom and it is fascinating to see which combinations work and which are less successful.

Choosing the final colour-ways can be a lengthy process and is one of the toughest parts of designing a new collection. Each runner needs to work as a stand alone piece while also making sense as part of the named collection; plus earn its place as part of the overall Roger Oates collection. For Eldon, there were so many stunning colour combinations to choose from, the final colourways were chosen for their understated elegance.

A border reduced to its elementary components, Eldon is a regular repeating stripe with a subtle difference in tone on the outer stripes. The dark base colour uses a brand new shade ‘Lamp Black’, which lends all three colour-ways an intense warmth as well as depth of tone.

Eldon, a border stripe in its simplest form. Eldon Chestnut(l) and Eldon Grey(r)

In addition to making striking staircases, Eldon is designed to be turned into rugs. Due to their common elements, all three Eldon colours can be combined to create multi-stripe rugs and wall to wall areas.

Eldon Grey, Airforce and Chestnut joined by hand into a rug

This contemporary design has also been transformed into upholstered benches and statement flatweave cushions, all available through our online store.

All our benches are handmade in the UK using solid wood frames and Oak legs.
Multiple colours have been combined to create our flatweave cushions – here Eldon Grey and Eldon Airforce.

Available in Grey, Airforce and Chestnut, Eldon is part of The Borders collection
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