In celebration of 30 years of our iconic flatweave we have created The Anniversary Collection. Designs from from the past three decades are re-imagined alongside new additions, all inspired and influenced by our rich archives. Embracing the past, the present and the future, our heritage is reflected in unmistakable signature stripes and distinguished colours which lie at the heart of the collection.

The Designs


Charleston, originally launched as part of our first collection in 1989 was the starting point for the development of the collection. The Turkey Red and Catkin colourways remain almost unchanged from their originals 30 years ago. Now woven in a contemporary herringbone structure, the bold multi-stripe pattern is a single repeat which makes a statement when used in a single width or seamed together. The Turkey Red colour way is a vibrant eye-catching multicolour. The Catkin Green yarn used in Catkin was specially dyed to re-create and exact match to the original, this colour has particular prominence in the central stripes. Fossil is a modern warm neutral, a new colourway, designed for this collection.

Charleston Fossil, Catkin and Turkey Red
Charleston Fossil, Catkin and Turkey Red


Charleston Fossil
Charleston Fossil mitred on stairs

Lennox has been redeveloped in three contemporary colour ways from an original design from 1994. The complex herringbone and rib repeating stripe looks particularly striking when hand sewn as a rug. Clover is a reinterpretation of the original light green and neutral. Steel sees the sophisticated combination of deep blue and grey – a move on from our current ‘Midnight’ designs. Shark is a versatile neutral  with tones of brown, green and pale grey. The repeating pattern of Lennox makes it perfect for joining as bespoke rugs or wall-to-wall areas.

Lennox Steel

Lennox Clover, Steel and Shark
Lennox Clover, Steel and Shark

A brand new design, Ixworth, has been conceived of re-interpreted elements from our perennial design favourites. An intricate folk-style chainlink pattern body is edged with a simple narrow rib border. Lamp Black is a classically elegant monochrome and Ochre a glowing gold.

Ixworth Lamp Black and Ochre
Ixworth Lamp Black and Ochre
Ashby & Trent

The co-ordinates of Ashby and Trent, which are amongst our most enduring designs have been re-awakened in three new fresh neutral shades. The ‘ground’ design, Ashby features a delicate repeating herringbone and rib pattern with elegant pinstripes. Trent has the addition of a smart tonal border. Elm a soft misty green, Shale a warm neutral and Silver a cool grey-blue. ‘Border’ and ‘ground’ designs can be used to link stairs and landing areas. Borders create impact and lead the eye and ground designs bring a subtle complementary backdrop.

Ashby and Trent Elm, Shale and Silver
Ashby (top) Silver, Elm, Shale and Trent (bottom) Silver, Elm and Shale

The Anniversary Collection

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