Since 1989 we have been developing Venetian Flatweave and our experimentation in colour, pattern and texture remains unceasing. All of our designs tell their own story, and it is the story of Sudbury we are going to explore, discovering how it has become one of most loved designs and gone on to influence our iconic Flaxman

A popular and timeless design, Sudbury was first introduced in 1994 and quickly became on of our unmistakable Roger Oates signature stripes. This classic design features a bold repeating pattern, using a combination of a rib and herringbone weave that creates both strong defined and softer textural stripes. With a stylish and neutral background elevating striking earthy-red tones, Sudbury Brick remains a much sought after design in our collection today.

Due to the design’s popularity we introduced a re-coloured Sudbury using the natural, undyed yarn of our eco-friendly range ‘The Shetland Collection’ – which is a capsule collection of our most iconic designs. Sudbury Shetland Light Grey and Moorit are woven using our limited palette six natural shades of Shetland Wool, creating the perfect natural tones in our timeless Sudbury stripe.

Sudbury’s pattern has been influential, structural elements have gone on to be a key influence in the design and creation of Flaxman, introduced in 2014. Described as Sudbury’s contemporary cousin, Flaxman takes the prominent multi-stripe pattern as a bold border, an evolution that came early within the design process. This contrasting striped border frames the Design and sits over an elegant repeating herringbone ground, separated by delicate pinstripes. Suitable for all styles of home, Flaxman can be coordinated with Fulham – paired back, the aforementioned elegant repeating herringbone.

The Flaxman with its borders, is perfect for stairs & hallways, leading the eye with their bold linear guiding stripes.

A Roger Oates classic, Flaxman is perfectly balanced by its soft, textured herringbone body, making it one of our most popular designs. Available in Lichen, Pewter, Quartz, Ruby, and StoneFlaxman is available in multiple widths of 60cm, 70cm and 85cm – perfect for narrow hallways and generously proportioned staircases.